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And it's goodbye from me (for now).

By Royal_correspondent 07/05/2011 10:31

Well if Kate has already been spotted in Waitrose then that must mean that the honeymoon is well and truly over! Well not over because they haven't been away yet (The Caribbean still a favourite destination) but you know what I mean?

We're a full week away from the wedding now and I kind of miss it. The incredible build up, the anticipation, the guessing, the merchandise, the bum, the pomp and the party. It's been a wonderful opportunity to be able to write about it too, a real treat for a writer.


But it is over so I won't be blogging here for a bit. But that doesn't mean there won't be Great British things and royal news to write about in the future. The eyes of the world remain upon us as we approach further amazing events such as the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics. And Kate and William themselves might have some news to announce soon themselves, who knows! And of course, it will all be covered right here.


If you follow us on Twitter (@MSNRoyalwedding) or Facebook please continue to do so for updates. But for now, from me, thanks for reading and thanks for your comments, thanks to anyone who sent in a story or news and of course, thanks to the happy couple without whom...

For today’s royal news – including details of William’s work rescues, the couple’s new penguin and their first official trip – have a look here:


The royal wedding influence will be felt for years to come!

By Royal_correspondent 02/05/2011 18:09

I was astonished to learn that within hours of the wedding taking place designers across the globe had managed to recreate Kate’s incredible McQueen dress to go on sale. The real gown had taken 20 dressmakers a month to create and probably cost around a quarter of a million pounds! So yes it is unlikely that anyone would have the chance to have an exact replica but I bet the style will be copied by brides for many years to come.


USMagazineAnd the theme – the Britishness – I am sure this will have influence on many wedding planners and their clients with plenty asking for coronation anthems and English flowers. Kate bouquet was rather a modest posy I thought, understated but full of meaning of course, containing Sweet William, Lily of The Valley and the traditional royal sprig of myrtle. I predict this smaller arrangement will be continue to be fashionable, there is even a course taking place this month held by florist Judith Blacklock that will show you how to recreate Kate’s bouquet if you’d like the same for yourself!


We already know that sales of sapphire rings and midnight blue dresses have gone through the roof and Kate’s wedding style will no doubt really take off too ! Our new Duchess is a trend-setter indeed…


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The couple embark on their new life, we have to tidy up and get over it...

By Royal_correspondent 30/04/2011 09:48

Who’s woken up with a sore head this morning? Anything else? Anyone else feeling a bit deflated? A little bit emotional? After months of build up and a beautiful day that certainly fulfilled its promise I feel a little sad that it is all over. Rather like a bride herself the morning after when the silk and lace has been put away and the flowers are looking past their best. The marriage is fresh but the wedding is already old.


I also can’t help feeling a bit of envy for Kate and her Prince about to embark on such an amazing life,  and for the partygoers who revelled late into the night who must have had a wonderful time. The footage of them traipsing out of the palace in the early hours holding their shoes and hugging each other unable to believe they had just attended the party of the decade made me terribly jealous!


But there were so many wonderful stand out moments, things for the couple and the nation to always remember:

·         William and Harry talking to the crowds camping outside Clarence House the night before

·         The first glimpse of that incredible lace dress

·         Harry and William at the alter, laughing and chatting so close

·         Walking slowly up the aisle to ‘I Was Glad’ (I’ve downloaded that amazing piece myself)

·         William saying to Michael that it was meant to be a ‘small family affair’

·         Singing Jerusalem

·         The policeman performing for and encouraging the crowds to cheer as he walked down the Mall

·         The Mall being opened and the crowds flooding forwards

·         The two kisses on the balcony with the grumpy little bridesmaid

·         The drive out of the Palace in the vintage Aston Martin festooned with balloon

·         The verger cartwheeling down the aisle after everyone had left forgetting the cameras were still there


What favourite moments did you have?


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Relive it all over again…



As the newly married couple dine the UK breaks open the champagne!

By Royal_correspondent 29/04/2011 18:43

We know there were over 5,000 official street parties, but even if you weren't at one of those it seems everyone marked the royal wedding somehow. As soon as the vows were taken I myself went off to see what my local pub were up to (The Brunswick in Hove) and saw a group of drag queens dressed up as princesses on my way and plenty of bunting and happy revellers enjoying themselves. The UK is rejoicing in every corner!


We asked you to send in your best party pics and you didn't disappoint so here is a selection of the best. Thanks everyone and we're glad you enjoyed yourselves! Congratulations to the happy couple, we celebrated in the best way we know how... with fun, love and laughter!

The amazing life sized cut out of Kate and William is from The Present Finder and the cut out real masks of the royal family are from Find Me A Gift.



Just hours after the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, a verger cartwheeled down the aisle at Westminster Abbey.

By Duncan Hooper 29/04/2011 17:29
It's probably fair to say that a few people will get carried away on the wave of excitement generated by the Royal Wedding.
Nothing will surely be as unlikely however as the tale of the verger who was caught cartwheeling down the aisle at Westminster Abbey just hours after the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
Footage of the verger doing his cartwheels in his robes spread quickly, and within a couple of hours had already become an internet sensation.
An Abbey spokesperson said the cartwheeler was a lay verger. According to reports, his name is Ben Sheward.
The Abbey may have been empty by this time, but was full earlier on Friday for the nupitals of new new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
The royal wedding was also watched by hundreds of millions of television viewers around the world.

Was wedding dress inspired by film star princess?

By Duncan Hooper 29/04/2011 12:35

The best kept secret of the royal wedding was that Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen had designed the dress that Kate Middleton wore as she joined the Windsor family.

Within moments of the garment's first appearance, Twitter was alive with suggestions of possible inspirations.

And the verdict of the internet - that the Duchess of Cambridge looked strikingly similar to a princess of Monaco.

Judge for yourselves.


Spot the difference


As you might expect, the web has awash with all things royal wedding. Nick Metcalfe rounds up the best of what was out there.

By Duncan Hooper 29/04/2011 12:06
Here's our round-up of what the web had to offer on the day of the eagerly awaited royal wedding:
The BBC fully utilised their resources with live rolling coverage of events, which included a video stream and continuously updated headlines.
The Telegraph went all interactive on us, with a live map showing the exact location of William and Kate at a particular time.
It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but nobody could dispute that the Daily Mail's coverage of the big day has been comprehensive, with constantly updated top stories and most tiny details reported.

Who's wearing what, who's given what and who's just weird?

By Royal_correspondent 29/04/2011 10:09

Sweetest moment: A little bridesmaid falling over...


Funniest moment: Harry sneaking a peek at Kate walking up the aisle and reporting back to William “Wait til you see her” Wonderful!


Most nervous moment: A toss up between James standing up to read The Lesson (although he did brilliantly) and William walking up the aisle laughing to himself


Most excrutiating moment: The ring nearly didn't go on, William had to force it.


Most poignant moment: William whispering ‘You look beautiful’ to Kate when she arrived at the alter and then thanking her father.


Best flag waving moment: JERUSALEM! Followed by the National Anthem.


Winner of the Day: Apart from the happy couple – British Fashion surely? McQueen, Westwood, Walker, Burberry all on show!


Worst hat: Beatrice's terrible taupe affair!


Ikon PicturesMost amazing guest outfit female: Tara Palmer Tomkinson – incredible electric blue and a showstopper hat. Detracting from her sadly deformed nose.


Most amazing guest outfit male: David Beckham – a wing collar, slicked back hair, Ralph Lauren 20’s style suit and a medal. Swoon!


Grumpiest guest: Victoria Beckham – what a sour face, surely you could smile today Posh? I know its unfortunate you are six months pregnant and you can’t show off one of your dresses to its best advantage but hey, its not all about you!


Weirdest wedding present: Well it’s a toss up between Boris’s tandem bike (crazy) or Cameron’s book of Anglesey photography (dull)


Worst outfit: Chelsy Davey – sorry but that rumpled, crumpled skirt suit in a neither here nor there blue doesn’t do you any favours.


Weirdest outfit: Ffion Hague with her colour co-ordinated grey leg cast (she broke it this week!)


Biggest surprise: Trees in the Abbey!


Worst kept secret: Sarah Burton for McQueen surely… (now proven!)

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