Royal wedding

Royal Wedding on the web

As you might expect, the web has awash with all things royal wedding. Nick Metcalfe rounds up the best of what was out there.

By Duncan Hooper 29/04/2011 12:06
Here's our round-up of what the web had to offer on the day of the eagerly awaited royal wedding:
The BBC fully utilised their resources with live rolling coverage of events, which included a video stream and continuously updated headlines.
The Telegraph went all interactive on us, with a live map showing the exact location of William and Kate at a particular time.
It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but nobody could dispute that the Daily Mail's coverage of the big day has been comprehensive, with constantly updated top stories and most tiny details reported.
If anybody doubted that even in 2011, a royal occasion would still attract worldwide interest, you just needed to look at ABC's live counter of royal wedding tweets. Thousands and thousands every second.
The Guardian are rather fond of telling us that they don't moderate their comments, and they were certainly pouring in to their live rolling coverage. As you might imagine, not all of them were complimentary. There was however a very useful service for those not interested, with 'Republicans click here' trailed at the top of the website, and a whole service free of royal news just a moment away.
The Sun don't always seem to treat the internet business with the seriousness one might expect, but their live coverage today has been... well, live really.
Anyone who has watched CNN over the past week won't be surprised to hear that they went big on the royal wedding. Very big, in fact. Their regularly updated video highlights was an impressive feature.
Lest we forget that not everybody is caught up in the excitement of the big day. Indeed, the Mirror's 3am girls were very much divided about the big day.
The Independent is supposed to be... well independent. Many of their readers might prefer their coverage to be low-key. But it wasn't.
As for the official website of the British monarchy. Well, they didn't really have much on the wedding at all...
29/04/2011 14:07
the wedding has been paid by the royalty  . it was a lovely wedding and i wish them all the best ,and the amount of people  who travelled from all over the world  tells you something  that they are respected world wide. and it has been a big boost for our country .and all the businesses ect must have made a fortune out of the tourist which in turn helps our economy
29/04/2011 13:44
the country is skint.who is going to pay for this wedding.if it going to cost over 20 million pounds?
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